What happens after I place an order?

All of our inventory for the day is designed and arranged before 9am. Once you place an order we start delivering the order right away, generally on a 1st-ordered, 1st-delivered basis although we do optimize routes for speed and efficiency. Most orders arrive within 3 hours flat to your door for free.

I want my delivery to be a surprise, can I do that?

Of course you can! This is why we exist. To ensure the best experience possible to surprise somebody, we recommend knowing when they are home/at work and at what time are they available to receive the surprise gift. You can let us know any details regarding this in the special instructions section of the shopping cart and we will do our best to accommodate.

Do you offer same-day delivery?

Yes! Actually, this is all that we offer on our Daily Flowers. Unlike online brokers and order clearing websites, we make and deliver our own flowers fresh each day. Our floral subscriptions are delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, but are also made on the day of delivery. So technically they are same-day delivery too! *Note: Daily orders received after 5pm will be delivered the next business day and will likely look different than the photos as we have not had the chance to make them and take photos yet.

What is your delivery zone?

We offer free flower delivery within Vancouver and most surrounding areas in 1-3 hours. Of course distance and traffic volume at the time of your order will affect exactly how long it will take us to get there.

What happens if I order after 5pm?

Any orders placed after 5pm will be delivered the next business day, from that day’s available inventory. As a result the flowers delivered will likely look different than in the photos. Of course we will contact you to let you know this but we’re confident you’ll love them either way.

Do you deliver on weekends?

Our daily inventory is available Mon-Fri and we can accept pre-orders and subscription orders for Saturday delivery. We do not have flowers available for delivery on Sundays at this time.

Do you allow pick up? If so, where?

Although we offer free delivery to most areas in Vancouver, we do not have a retail shop at this time. (which is why our prices are so good!) You can find our current van locations by following us on twitter and Instagram. If you require special delivery instructions you are welcome to contact us directly and we can meet you somewhere convenient with your order or arrange for specific details.

Can I select my own delivery dates?

Yes! With our weekly, bi-weekly and monthly subscriptions you can choose the date you wish to begin the subscription. Changes to your dates can be made by you or the recipient (they will just need to get in touch with us!) *Note: For monthly subscriptions the dates will move from month to month. This is due to the deliveries being spaced 28 days (or 4 weeks) apart to make sure all months are included and Sundays are avoided.

When will my flower delivery arrive?

All our flower deliveries in Vancouver arrive during the middle of the day, between 10am - 3pm PST. If you require a more precise delivery window or if you have specific requests to ease the delivery process, please let us know in the ‘special instructions’ window in the order form.

Can I place a custom order i.e. an orchid or rose arrangement?

Yes indeed! You can give us a call at 604.800.9066 anytime between 9am - 6pm PST [Monday - Friday] to place a custom order. We are not able to accept custom orders for same-day delivery.

What is your delivery process if the recipient isn't home?

Our drivers will always text/call explaining exactly where the special delivery was left. We'll do everything on our end to find the safest, most secure location for the flowers before having to return them to our workshop. If this is required we will contact the purchaser for another time to deliver the same bouquet to the recipient.

What happens if I provided an incorrect address for the recipient?

Our drivers take great care in getting flowers delivered quickly to the intended recipients. If you provide an incorrect address, please contact us right away with the correct details so that we can avoid multiple attempts. If the delivery has already been attempted, the next delivery with the correct information will happen after the other orders for the day have been completed.

 What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept paypal and credit card payments online (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express).

Is my credit card safe to use online?

We do not store any credit card information. We use a third party payment service called Shopify that is highly secured. More information is available on our terms & conditions.

Do you do wedding flower arrangements/packages?

Nope! But we know people who do. Feel free to reach us anytime and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with floral professionals who specialize in this very specific and important service.

Can I change the recipient address for my subscription delivery?

Yes! It’s one of the awesome things about our subscriptions. You can change the recipient address at no additional charge so long as its within the same general area. We just need at least 24 hours advance notice before the next delivery is scheduled to go out. Give us a call at 604.800.9066 and we’d be happy to help do this for you.

Can I create a custom subscription?

Yes! We can create any custom, corporate, or residential combination you’re interested in.